In order to get your SCORM package or SCO into the Desire2Learn LMS you must be an instructor and have a course created.  Once in your course select 'Content' from the top navigation bar.  Then under 'Content Areas' select 'Manage Files'.  Under 'Course Admin Tools' select 'Import/Export/Copy Components'.  Check 'Import Components' and 'from a File'.  Select your zipped up SCO.  Hit 'Next'.  After it reads the package, hit 'Next' again.  Under 'Select Components to Import'  I select 'Select All Components' and 'Content' then 'Import all items'.  Hit 'Next again.  Then under 'Components to Import' hit 'Next' again.  After the system finishes "Importing Course Materials' you hit 'Next' one final time and then your SCO will be listed under content. To access reports for your SCORM content select 'Content' from within your Desire2Learn course.  Under 'Content Areas' select 'Reports'.  Underneath the Statistics header is a 'SCORM Reports' Button.  This will show reports from your SCORM modules.  At this time I am unaware of anyway to link these to the Desire2Learn gradebook.