Here is a list of useful scorm 1.2 functions all in one place. RTE Data Model Elements • cmi.core.student_id (read-only)  : Returns a unique alpha-numeric code or identifier that refers to this user of the LMS. This identifier is set by the LMS.

• cmi.core.student_name (read-only)  : Returns the name used for the student on the course roster maintained by the LMS in the format lastName, firstName middleInitial.

• cmi.core.lesson_location (read/write)  : This allows the student return to the SCO at the same place they left off.

• (read-only)  : The LMS indicates whether the student is given credit for completing the SCO based on the pass/fail values.

• cmi.core.lesson_status (read/write)  : This is the current course status that can include passed, completed, failed, incomplete, browsed, and not attempted.

• cmi.core.entry (read-only)  : This indicates whether the student has been in the SCO before.  This is set by the LMS.

• cmi.core.score.raw (read/write) : This shows the performance of the student during his last attempt on the SCO.  The manner of scoring can be determined by the SCO creator.

• cmi.core.total_time (read-only) : This is the total accumulated time of all the student's sessions in this SCO.

• cmi.core.exit (write-only) : How or why the student left the SCO.  It can be set to time-out, logout, suspend, or an empty string.

• cmi.core.session_time (write-only)  : The time from beginning of the session to the end of a single use of the SCO.

• cmi.suspend_data (read/write) : Stores data created by the SCO in the LMS to pass back to the SCO the next time the SCO is run.

• cmi.launch_data (read-only) : The LMS initializes this information using the manifest file.

Additional functions • Initialize (“”)  • Terminate (“”)  • Commit (“”)  • GetValue (parameter) • SetValue (parameter, value) • GetLastError ()  • GetErrorString (errorcode)  • GetDiagnostics (errorcode)